Reproducible Reporting with RMarkdown

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Why Use R Markdown
To me, the strongest argument is that everything is in one place. In graduate school, I did quite a bit of work with Excel and SPSS. Not everything was coded. I would be hard-pressed to perfectly recreate every ANOVA result, every mean, every p-value. With R Markdown, you don’t get a final report unless the code runs perfectly throughout the document.

  • Documents with embedded code are reproducible
  • The document will serve as a record for how you arrived at the results you include in your papers
  • You can pass on your code to readers in addition to the report content
  • Dynamic documents can change as data are updated
  • Documents can also be used for future data releases and/or different subsets of data

可重复性研究不仅涉及到科研的严谨性、可重复性,而在于对数据分析结果的科学管理,利人利己。 一份好的报告,既能简洁明了展示结果,又能方便交流与后期校正,何乐而不为?

RStudio 中的 R Markdown - 简书
Reproducible Reporting with RMarkdown